LabII_Procedure - Lab 2: Pro-ENGINEER Constraints, Loads,...

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Lab 2: Pro-ENGINEER Constraints, Loads, and Analysis Erik Phillips, H i r o s h i Y a m a g u c h i Part 1: Adding Loads and Constraints Spring 2009 **At the time or writing of these instructions, the Mechanica package is only installed on HAC lab computers 1-17, and 97-107. You’ll need to use one of these machines to complete this lab. In this lab, we’re going to anchor one side of the part you created in lab 1 with a ‘displacement constraint’. Then, a load (a force) will be applied to the other side. After assigning a material to your part, we’ll run Pro/E’s FEM system and look at a visual plot of the stress. Finally, the resulting values will be compared to the stress concentration plots. It is important that the loading is applied in the same directions as the stress concentration plots! - Open up your part. Set the working directory where everything will be saved in the same manner as in lab 1. - From the top menu, click Applications , and then Mechanica . - A box will appear listing the current units. Make sure to write your specific units down! **As you complete the next few steps, the loads and constraints that are created will appear in the left side menu. You can select and delete them if you a make a mistake:
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A: Create Surface Constraints - In the Mechanica mode, click on the ‘ New Displacement Constraint’ icon, located on the right toolbar. - The following ‘Constraint’ box appears: - The only thing to do here is to to click the surface that you would like to anchor. Select one of the ends of your part – it should be one of the surfaces that has a force drawn on it in the lab 1 stress concentration plots. After it is selected, press OK .
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LabII_Procedure - Lab 2: Pro-ENGINEER Constraints, Loads,...

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