ME530241_2009_Lab_07 - ME 530.241: Electronics and...

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Unformatted text preview: ME 530.241: Electronics and Instrumentation Lab 7: Diodes and Bipolar Transistors Louis L. Whitcomb and Kyle B. Reed * Department of Mechanical Engineering The Johns Hopkins University Spring 2009 Apparatus: Multimeter, DC Power Supply, Tektronix TDS220 oscilloscope and manual, Tek- tronix CFG 253 function generator and manual, Leads, Breadboard Components: LN41YCPHL LEDs, Omron EE-SX1042 infra-red LED emitter/photo-transistor pair, resistors 1 Pre-Lab Exercises 1. Exercise 9.23 of [1]. 2. Exercise 9.32 of [1]. 3. Read all the steps in this lab. Lab report notes: You should produce your final lab report independently (without your partner). You and your lab partner can share the same lab data that you collected together in lab. Equations should be written clearly and completely . Circuit diagrams and other figures can be hand drawn, but must be neatly included in the document, and carefully labeled and referenced from the text of your writeup. Questions marked with a dagger ( ) can be completed at home; that said, some are worth doing in lab so that you can check to verify that your lab data is reasonable. * c 2009 Kyle B. Reed, Louis L. Whitcomb, and Noah J. Cowan do not reproduce without permission. 1 2 Light Emitting Diode driven by a DC voltage 1. Select two of the same diodes from the supply cabinet bin and note the diodes part number listed on the bin. Get a data sheet for this diode. We handed out data sheets available for the following part in class: Amber Diode: Panasonic Part # LN41YCPHL, Digi-Key Part number P304-ND. We have several diodes (different colors) in stock. You can find data sheets for other diodes at by referencing the manufacturer part number or the digi-key part number. Attach a copy of your diodes spec sheet to your lab writeup....
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ME530241_2009_Lab_07 - ME 530.241: Electronics and...

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