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quiz 10 2 - nor does it have any revenue Which is true a...

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7. Bootstrapping is best suited to businesses with a. Little or no profit margin, to encourage the entrepreneur to work hard b. Very poor prospects for growth c. Very profitable products with high margins, as these cash flows can be plowed back into the business to fund relatively rapid growth d. A requirement for lots of advertising and marketing spending 8. A market is 9. A product that has high competitive intensity and low perceived value is 10. Richard has just started a company. The company does not have any investors yet,
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Unformatted text preview: nor does it have any revenue. Which is true? a. The company has a stock price, but no earnings. b. The company has earnings, but no stock price. c. The company does not have earnings, and does not have a stock price. d. The company has both a stock price and an earnings figure, so the P/E ratio can be found. 11. Which of the following is not one of the four elements that constitute a firm’s marketing mix? A. price B. promotion C. distribution D. prospects E. product 12. In __________, the list price of an item is determined by adding a markup percentage to a product’s cost. A. value-based pricing B. compliance-based pricing C. competitive-based pricing D. economic-based pricing E. cost-based pricing...
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