quiz 10 3 - C As high as the customer is willing to pay D...

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13 In __________, the list price is determined by estimating what consumers are willing to pay for a product. A. The Brown-Gibson methodology B. value-based pricing C. scholastic economics D. cost-based pricing E. Malthusian Economics 14 When Hotmail first started distributing free e-mail accounts, it put a tagline on every message sent out by Hotmail users that read “Get free e-mail with Hotmail.” This technique, which encouraged people to pass along Hotmail’s marketing message to others, is called: A. echo marketing B. duplicate marketing C. infectious marketing D. repeat marketing E. viral marketing 15 When pricing a new product, the price should be set A. As low as possible, to thrill the customers B. Generally, a margin of 2% to 5% is added to the cost of making the product
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Unformatted text preview: C. As high as the customer is willing to pay D. It is best to price 10% to 30% lower than the competition 16 The practice of not publishing a single fixed price, but rather pricing each sale at an amount equal to the each specific customer’s willingness to pay is called A. Bilateral Switching B. Dynamic Pricing C. Cost-Plus Pricing D. the Grentham pricing model 17 David Yates owns an video game company. Although David’s game designers and programmers are very good, it takes 2-3 years to develop a good game. This example illustrates the need for funding or financing referred to as: A. personnel costs B. marketing costs C. costs associated with building a brand D. lengthy product development cycles E. cash flow challenges...
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quiz 10 3 - C As high as the customer is willing to pay D...

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