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Astro 101 Chapter 19.2 Galactic Recycling Star gas star cycle 1) interstellar gas clouds fill galactic disk 2) cools and forms molecules 3) makes stars 4) fusion occurs and make new elements 5) supernova and stellar winds return gas and other elements 6) returning gas cools and blends into hydrogen clouds 7) repeats Stars return to space in 2 ways Stellar winds Death events High mass stars lose mass more dynamically and explosively Produce a bubble of hot ionized gas
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Unformatted text preview: Supernova generate shock waves Waves of pressure that’s faster than sound Subatomic particle accelerators Fast electrons emit radio waves as they spiral around magnetic field lines Called synchrotron radiation We are inside a bubble Local bubble means one or more supernova have detonated within sun’s neighborhood within past several million years Superbubble Combo of many bubbles...
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