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Astro 18.2 Neutron Stars Neutron Star – ball of neutrons created by collapse of iron core in massive star supernova ~ 19 kilometer in radius, more massive than sun Made of neutrons Held by gravity Neutron degeneracy pressure Neutron Star Gravity – force of gravity at surface of neutron star is awe inspiring. Escape velocity is half the speed of light Paper clip of neutron star > Mt Everest If neutron star came to visit you, it won’t fall to Earth It will turn Earth to a shell no thicker than your thumb on the surface of neutron
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Unformatted text preview: star Inside of neutron star could be superfluid Pulsars – rapidly pulsing radio source Pulsars are neutron stars left behind by supernova explosions Magnetic field is a trillion times as strong as Earth’s shortly after it forms in supernova event All pulsars are neutron stars, not vice versa Fastest pulsar discovered rotate 625 times per second. Neutron stars can have planets Close binaries that contain accreting neutrons tars are often called X-ray binaries...
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