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Untitled2_23 - Chapter 2 Introduction to financial systems...

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Total assets 10,090,626 Total liabilities and capital 10,090,626 5,980,915 Non-interest bearing deposits 1,216,695 Less: Reserve for losses 69,071 Interest bearing deposits 5,514,667 Net loans and leases 5,911,844 Other borrowed funds 1,711,411 Securities 1,665,743 Subordinated debt 149,795 Other real estate owned 4,721 All other liabilities 467,645 Goodwill and other intangibles 358,472 Equity capital 1,030,413 All other assets 2,149,832 Off-balance-sheet derivatives 132,162,947 Table 2.1: Aggregate balance sheet values for US commercial banks ($million, 2006) Source: Table created using data from FDIC web site (http://www2.fdic.gov/hsob/) Savings and loan associations concentrated mostly on residential mortgages by acquiring funds primarily through savings deposits. In terms of number of institutions, they are the second largest group of financial intermediaries (1,279 associations with
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