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How to use this subject guide This subject guide is written for students studying Principles of banking and finance. The aim is to help you to interpret the syllabus. It tells you what you are expected to know for each area of the syllabus and suggests the reading which will help you understand the material. It must be emphasised that this guide is intended to supplement the essential textbooks, not replace them. A different chapter is devoted to each major section of the syllabus and the chapter order of this guide follows the order of the topics as they appear in the syllabus. You need to appreciate that different topics are not self-contained. There is a degree of overlap between the topics and you are guided in this through cross-referencing between different chapters in the guide. However, in terms of studying this guide, the chapters are designed as self-contained units of study, but for examination purposes you need to have an understanding of the subject as a whole.
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