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relevant information about the examination, and the current Examiners’ reports where you should be advised of any forthcoming changes. You should also carefully check the rubric/instructions on the paper you actually sit and follow those instructions. The Principles of banking and finance examination papers is three hours in duration. You will be asked to answer four questions from a choice of eight . The examination paper is in two sections. You will be required to answer one question from section A, one from section B and two further questions from either section. The Examiners ensure that all the topics covered in the syllabus are examined. You have to answer four questions, giving you 45 minutes to spend on each question. You should attempt all parts or aspects of a question. Pay attention to the breakdown of marks associated with the different parts of each question. Some questions may contain both numerical and essay- based parts. Examples of these types of questions (or question part) are
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