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4. Regulation of banks : Regulation of banks (free banking, arguments for and against regulation, traditional regulation mechanisms, alternatives to traditional regulation). 5. Risk management in banking : Market risks: liquidity risk, interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk. Credit risk: screening and monitoring, credit rationing, collateral. Part III: Principles of finance 6. Financial securities : Risk and return; Portfolio analysis: mean-variance portfolio theory. The portfolio selection process: the correlation of
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Unformatted text preview: securities returns (single-index model and multi-index models). Asset pricing models: capital asset pricing models (CAPM) and arbitrage pricing model (APT). 7. Capital budgeting : Pricing of bonds and stocks. Net pricing value. Project appraisal. 8. Financial markets: Transmission of information; Efficient markets. Theory and empirical evidence. Concepts of weak, semi-strong and strong efficiency. Concepts of excess return. Micro-structures. Chapter 1: Introduction 9...
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