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http://www.external.shl.lon.ac.uk/?id=lse Dow, S., ‘Why the banking system should be regulated’, Economic Journal 106 (436) 1996, pp.698–707. Dowd, K., ‘The Case for Financial Laissez-Faire’, Economic Journal 106 (436) 1996, pp.679–87. Gordy, M.B. ‘A comparative anatomy of credit risk models’, Journal of Banking and Finance 24 (1-2) 2000, pp.119–49. Further reading As alternatives, you may wish to look at the following texts that are standard for many undergraduate banking and finance courses. A full bibliography of the supplementary reading is provided below; we will indicate the relevant chapters in these other texts at the start of each chapter throughout the guide. Bain, A.D. The Economics of the Financial Systems . (Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Ltd, 1992) [ISBN 9780631181972] Chapter 4. Brealey, R.A. S.C. Myers and F. Allen Principles of Corporate Finance. (Boston, London: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2008) ninth edition [ISBN 9780073368696] Chapter 8. Buckle, M. and J. Thompson The UK Financial System . (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2004) fourth edition [ISBN 9780719067723] Chapters 1, 2 and 17.
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