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Allen, F. and R. Karjalainen ‘Using Genetic Algorithms to Find Technical Trading Rules’, Journal of Financial Economics 51(2) 1999, pp.245–71. Altman, E.I. ‘Managing the commercial lending process’ in Aspinwall, R.C. and R.A. Eisenbeis Handbook of Banking Strategy . (New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1985) [ISBN 9780471893141] pp.473–510. Ball, R. and P. Brown ‘An Empirical Evaluation of Accounting Income Numbers’, Journal of Accounting Research 6(2) 1968, pp.159–78. Bank of England Financial Stability Report , no. 21 (London, 2007). Basel Committee on Bank Supervision Overview on the New Capital Accord . (Bank for International Settlements, January 2001) p. 27. Benston G. and C. Smith ‘A Transaction Costs Approach to the Theory of Financial Intermediation’, Journal of Finance 31(2) 1976, pp.215–231. Bernard, V. and J. Thomas ‘Post-earnings announcement drift: Delayed price response or risk premium?’, Journal of Accounting Research 27(3) 1989 supplement, pp.1–36.
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