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Untitled2_11 - Chapter 1 Introduction Goddard J.A P...

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Goddard, J.A., P. Molyneux and J.O.S. Wilson European Banking. Efficiency, Technology and Growth . (Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 2001) [ISBN 9780471494492] pp.109–20. Gordy, M.B. ‘A comparative anatomy of credit risk models’, Journal of Banking and Finance 24(1–2) 2000, pp.119–49 Grinblatt, M. and S. Titman ‘Mutual Fund Performance: an Analysis of Quarterly Portfolio Holdings’, Journal of Business 62(3) 1989, pp.393–416. Gurley, J.G. and E.S. Shaw Money in a Theory of Finance . (Washington D.C., Brookings Institute, 1960) [ISBN 9780815733225]. Hackethal, A. and Schmidt, R.H. ‘Financing Patterns: Measurement Concepts and Empirical Results’, Frankfurt Department of Finance Working Paper no. 125 (2004), p.30. Haugen, R. and J. Lakonishok The Incredible January Effect . (Dow Jones-Irwin, Homewocd, Illinois, 1988) [ISBN 9781556238710]. Jacquier, E., Kane, A. and A.J. Marcus ‘Geometric or Arithmetic Means: A Reconsideration’, Financial Analysts Journal 59(6) 2003, 46–53. Jegadeesh, N. and S. Titman ‘Returns to Buying Winners and Selling Losers: Implications for Stock Market Efficiency’, Journal of Finance 48(1) 1993, pp.65–91.
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