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Trueman, B., M.H. Wong and X.J. Zhang ‘The Eyeballs Have it: Searching for the Value in Internet Stocks’, Working Paper, (University of California, April 2000). The structure of the subject guide Part I of the subject guide focuses on financial systems, Part II addresses the key principles of banking, and Part III investigates the principles of finance. The content of the subject guide is as follows. Part I: Financial systems • Chapter 2 serves as grounding to financial systems by investigating the functions and structure of financial systems. It thus focuses on each of the three main entities that compose financial systems (financial intermediaries, securities and financial markets). • Chapter 3 presents a discussion of the features of bank-based systems against market-based systems in different countries around the world. Part II: Principles of banking • Chapter 4 focuses specifically on the nature and process of financial intermediation by presenting a discussion of the key theories of
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