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Philosophy 12A Homework Assignment #1 August 27, 2008 The following 30 true/false questions test your understanding of some basic logical concepts discussed in chapter 1 of Modern Logic . This assignment will be due on 09/05/08 with resubmissions due on 09/12/08. T F 1 . If an argument has a false conclusion it is invalid. T F 2 . The moon is made of green cheese. T F 3 . No unsound arguments have a true conclusion. T F 4 . If it is not possible for the conclusion of an argument to be false, then the argument is valid. T F 5 . Every invalid argument has a false conclusion. T F 6 . Some invalid arguments have a false conclusion. T F 7 . All sound arguments are valid. T F 8 . If two arguments have identical logical form, then either they are both valid or they are both invalid. T F 9 . If an argument has true premises and a true conclusion, then it is sound. T F 10 . No unsound arguments have a false conclusion. T F
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