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syllabus phil 12 - Philosophy 12A Syllabus 1 Instructor...

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Unformatted text preview: Philosophy 12A Syllabus August 27, 2008 1 Instructor Information Professor GSIs Branden Fitelson 132 Moses Hall 242-0666 office hours: 1:30–2:30 MWF email: [email protected] www: Fabrizio Cariani Erica Klempner Tamar Lando Luke Misenheimer Aparna Rao [ See the course home page for the contact information and office hours of our GSIs. ] The best way to reach Branden is via email (I check it all the time). + 2 Textbook & Supplemental Materials We will be using Graeme Forbes’s 1994 Oxford University Press text Modern Logic . The fourth printing of this book is available in both new and used vintages from our campus bookstores (or, of course, ). Everyone should buy a copy of our textbook, as soon as possible. + Occasionally, I will supplement the text with my own handouts. And, my lectures will be posted the morning before each class. I will not distribute paper copies of my handouts or lectures to the class (except for this syllabus!).Ê Electronic versions of all lecture notes and handouts will be posted on the Philosophy 12A Lecture Notes & Handouts Page at All notes and handouts will be posted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and will require Adobe’s Reader software (version 3.01 or later) to be viewed, printed, etc. All campus computers should have Reader. 3 What, When, Where, Why? Philosophy 12A consists of three 50-minute lectures [12-1 pm MWF @ 4 LeConte], and two 50-minute discussion sections per week. We will arrange section times, places, and rosters during the first week of class. Keep an eye on our Sections Page (and on your email!) for details about discussion section times and places, at:
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syllabus phil 12 - Philosophy 12A Syllabus 1 Instructor...

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