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thmt - Take-Home Mid-Term Philosophy 12A October 9 2008 The...

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Take-Home Mid-Term Philosophy 12A October 9, 2008 The take-home part of the mid-term examination consists of the two problems on this handout (each will be weighted equally). The take-home exam is due on Friday, October 17, 2008 (there will be an opportunity to resubmit on the 24th). This is to be treated just like a (perhaps somewhat more difficult!) homework ( e.g. , group work, etc ., is encouraged). An LSL Symbolization + Truth-Table Methods Problem The following collection of seven (7) sentences concerns five (5) individuals — Gary, Harrison, Iola, Jessica, and Keno — and whether they did or did not attend a certain meeting. These sentences imply, by logic alone ( i.e. , by the semantics or rules of LSL alone), a specific conclusion as to precisely who attended and who didn’t. That is, for each of the five individuals ( x ) in question, the following seven sentences jointly entail the answer to the question “Did individual x attend the meeting?”.
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