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1 Solubility Product, K sp April 21, 2009 Chemistry 1A Purpose : The purpose of this experiment is to prepare borax solutions at a specific given temperature and titrate each to determine the borax concentration and hence, the solubility product (K sp ). By having the K sp of each temperature and creating a Van’t Hoff plot, we can then determine the thermodynamic functions of the dissolution reaction. Specifically, these thermodynamic functions include H ° , S ° , and ∆° G. Application and knowledge of Van’t Hoff’s law is needed to complete this experiment. This can be applied to in real circumstances, for example, often, lakes’ water levels slowly fall and the concentration of salt in the water passes through the saturation point. Moreover, as the salinity in the lake increases, it becomes more toxic to the lakes organisms and insect population, which are a major food source for migratory water birds. If these lake levels continue to fall, the birds will be in grave danger. Thus, if we know that solubility, and hence K sp, depends on temperature, then we know that by cooling off the lakes, they will be saved. Methods: Preparing Borax Solutions : My group had to prepare a cold solution, so we needed to make an ice bath where our borax solution is between 4 ° – 10 ° C. The first step is to place some borax and place it in a 150mL beaker. After filling it a little more than half way with distilled water, stir and swirl for a few minutes to dissolve it. Place the beaker containing borax solution into the ice bath. Stir and swirl gently with the thermometer. Preparing For Titrations : After rinsing burets with distilled water and then with a small amount of HCl, clamp the burets and fill them near the 0 mL mark with the standard HCl solution (in this case, it was 0.4981). Then, set aside 4, 250 mL distilled-water-rinsed Erlenmeyer flasks to hold borax solutions for titration. Once the saturated borax solution reaches somewhere between 4 ° – 10 ° C, you are ready to begin titration. Preparing Saturated Borax Solutions For Titration
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Solubility Product ChemLab - 1 Solubility Product, Ksp...

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