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The essay below is written in comparative descriptive style. Practice Topic: Compare and contrast how you spent your weekends in your country with the way you spend them here. My Weekends After a few days of work people need to rest and have some time to spend on their own. Weekends are for that purpose. However, people spend their weekend in different ways in different countries. There are a number of similarities and differences in how I spent my weekends in my country and the way I spend them here now, especially regarding whom I have spent time with, the activities we have had , and the places we have gone . In Canada, every weekend for me was full of fun. The fun was in the way I spent my weekends with my family and friends. For example, with my family I visited many places, such as museums or historical cities. We also used to have a special dinner on Saturdays. On the other hand, I would often go to coffee houses or clubs with my friends. We also used to go shopping. Over the winter weekends, we
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