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Essay Prewriting Name___________________________________________ Dr. Forrest Fordyce Outlining: Comparison and Contrast; Block Organization Please fill in the following outline form before you write your in-class essay. You must write a complete sentence for the thesis, topic sentences, and conclusion. You may, however, use key words or phrases for your supporting points. Title: My Best Friends: Sveta and Tanya I. Introduction A. General/Background Statements: Your friends are possibly the most important people in your life. What would you do without someone you can tell all to? [rhetorical question] Your friends always can understand you and help you in difficult situations, and you can share your joys, troubles, and sorrow with them. B. Thesis Statement: My friends are important to me, too, but even though they both help me and understand me, they also differ in appearance , personality , and life-style (and hobbies) . (Point of Comparison 1)
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