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Essay Prewriting Name___________________________________________ Dr. Forrest Fordyce Outlining Please fill in the following outline form before you write your in-class essay. You must write a complete sentence for the thesis, topic sentences, and conclusion. You may, however, use key words or phrases for your support. Title: __________________________________________________________ I. Introduction A. General/Background Statements: _________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ B. Thesis Statement: There are similarities and differences between the foods of different places in the U.S., specifically New Mexico and Massachusetts, in their historical influences, the
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Unformatted text preview: basic ingredients, and flavors and spices. II. Body A. Topic Sentence: New Mexican Foods 1. Support: New Mexican history: Pueblo and Spanish 2. Support: Basic Ingredients: corn 3. Support: ______________________________________________________ B. Topic Sentence: Massachusetts Foods 1. Support: Massachusetts history: the English 2. Support: Ingredients: fish 3. Support: ______________________________________________________ III. Conclusion: ________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________...
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