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Glendale Community College Art History 102: Western Art from the Renaissance to the Modern Period Online Professor: Kristin Mihaylovich Class Meeting: ONLINE On-line office hour: Tuesday 5-6 p.m. I will log on once a day Monday through Friday. Therefore, during the week you can expect a response within 24 hours. In addition to the mail function in the WebCt template, I can also be reached by my regular campus email account. [email protected] Class Description : Art 102 is a survey of western architecture, painting, and sculpture from the Renaissance to the modern period. The visual arts of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern periods in Europe and the United States are discussed. Emphasis is placed on integrating the development of art forms with the geographic, social, political, philosophical, and religious characteristics of these cultures. Lecture 3 hours /3 units of credit Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC Attention Art History Majors only – this course will not transfer for MAJOR credit at UCLA. It will transfer for GE credit. There is only one on-campus meeting and this is a MANDATORY ORIENTATION that will provide you with the first lecture, computer orientation and how to proceed in the class. YOU MUST ATTEND THIS ORIENTATION OR YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE CLASS – NO EXCEPTIONS. Prerequisites : None. However, this class requires extensive reading and writing, so your reading level should be at 6, your writing level at 5, and speaking, comprehension and listening at level 5; Math 1 . This means you should have taken or are taking English 101. Please take this guideline very seriously . There is a great amount of writing necessary and if your English writing skills are not at the stated level you may find it very difficult to pass the course. Be aware that writing across the curriculum and critical thinking will be stressed in the class in accordance with the college mission statement. 1
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Moreover, you need to be prepared to spend a great deal of time reading and studying for this course . Our mandate is to provide 48 hours of instruction.
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