284%20syllabus%20Spring%202008 - FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING...

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FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING A CCOUNTING 284 - C LEM S PRING 2008 Dr. Anne M. Clem Office Hours: Office: 3117 Gerdin T 8:30 – 9:15 am; 2-3 pm Phone: 294-9408 R 8:30 – 9:15 am E-mail: aclem@iastate.edu or by appointment WebCT Gold site:   Acct 284 In addition to office hours, you may e-mail me at the above address. I check my e-mail regularly and will respond promptly to your requests. Course Objective: This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of financial statements and the impact that varying business actions will have on the financial statements. Course Materials : Text - Financial Accounting , 5 th Edition by Libby, Libby, and Short. Copies of class overheads are available at Copyworks or can be downloaded from the 284 WebCT page. In addition, copies of the exams from last semester will also be available at Copyworks within the first few weeks of class. These exams may be available on WebCT as well. Calculator : Every student is required to use a four-function calculator for all exams . Other calculators and cell phone MAY NOT BE USED. WebCT: You are encouraged to take advantage of the resources on the Accounting 284 WebCT. Syllabus the text solutions manual in its entirety link to text website, NetTutor, and other text resources course overheads exam information (including exam keys after exam is returned) project copy and hints for the course project solutions to quizzes scores to date textbook Powerpoint slides for each chapter . Course Format : Before class each day, students should read the material and work the homework problems. Class time will include both lecture over the reading material and work out of the homework problems. Course
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284%20syllabus%20Spring%202008 - FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING...

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