2 pts b this example of using the objection close is

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Unformatted text preview: lose” method of closing a sale and handling objection strategies. a) Explain the difference between the Objection Close and the Trial Close method for handling an objection. (2 pts) b) This example of using the Objection Close is from your course notes. This particular closing example also uses a number of handling objection strategies. List two of these strategies and state why the example lends itself to each strategy you identified. (4 pts) Customer: Salesperson: c) “I really like the looks of these commercial garage door openers, but they take twice as long to open.” “Yes, this new model is attractive and does close at half the speed of older models. But this is intentional. I’m sure you know how dangerous these heavy doors can be and could probably tell some tragic stories. Based on a 5 year study, we found that 75% of accidents would have been avoided with our door. Our customer’s say that is does take an couple of days to get used to the speed, but there have been no reported accidents. I think you’ll find that the added safety more than makes up for it’s slower operation.” The example listed above for illustrating the Objection Close is not complete. What else should the salesperson have done? (1 pt) AEB 3341 Exam #3 White Form A – Fall 2007 – Page 12 of 12...
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