A because they are not prepared b because the value

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Unformatted text preview: close. E) All of the above. 23. Which of the following are reasons salespeople hesitate to close a sale? A) Because they are not prepared. B) Because the value of their product exceeds the cost. C) Because of too much salesperson conviction. D) Because they are certain of the sales call outcome. E) None of the above. 24. According to your class notes, when is it appropriate to price discriminate? A) When you think you should charge a different price. B) Whenever the customer asks for a price break. C) When your markets are separable. D) Both B and C E) None of the above. 25. What percentage of customers who complain will buy again if their complaints are resolved? A) 95%. B) 90%. C) 87%. D) 85%. E) 70%. AEB 3341 Exam #3 White Form A – Fall 2007 – Page 5 of 12 26. Which handling objection strategy is Coach Urban Meyer using to answer a football recruit’s question if he is overheard to say “Are you asking what are your chances of getting significant playing time next season as a running back or are you asking if you have a good chance of playing at positions we need the most help with on this team?” A) Compare and Contrast. B) Answer with a Question. C) Alternative Product. D) Compensate and Counterbalance. E) None of the above. 27. Which closing strategy is the salesperson using: “Mr. Sandberg, you have indicated that you like the orange and blue color, the 90-day payment schedule, and the prompt 48-hour deliver...
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