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Unformatted text preview: y schedule. Would you like this to arrive on Monday or Wednesday of next week? A) Summary Benefit Close and Choice Close. B) Assumption Close. C) Direct Close. D) Both A and C. E) None of the above. 28. Specific handling objection strategies under the Switch-Focus category: A) To communicate benefits more relevant to the customer. B) Compensate and Counterbalance is one of these. C) Alternative Product is one of these. D) Both A and C. E) Boomerang is an example. 29. Successful salespeople welcome objections because of which of the following? A) Allows the salesperson to focus on areas of agreement. B) They are the result of mutually beneficial outcomes. C) They help salespeople avoid negotiation. D) Lays the groundwork for negotiation. E) None of the above. 30. What handling objection technique is being used here: “I understand that you heard our light bulbs only last an average of 30 hours. This is absolutely false and let me prove to you our light bulbs last an average of 150 hours…” A) Direct Denial. B) Indirect Denial. C) Case History. D) Demonstration. E) Both B and D. AEB 3341 Exam #3 White Form A – Fall 2007 – Page 6 of 12 PART IV: 1. SHORT ANSWER/ESSAY (60 points). Read all questions carefully. Provide clear, well-reasoned answers. Questions may have multiple parts. For the final sales project assignment you will be demonstrating your mastery of the closing techniques. Illustrate your mastery of these steps by applying them to you...
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