Peer Evaluations (Team 3 and 5)

Peer Evaluations (Team 3 and 5) - Team#5 The current...

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Peer Evaluations Team #3: Very basic outline. Numbers all look good in excel spreadsheet. Might have been a little easier to give feedback had a competitor’s number’s been computed. Graphs are missing, but wouldn’t tell us much anyways since there is no data to compare Winn-Dixie to. Section on DuPont ratio could probably be expanded too.
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Unformatted text preview: Team #5: The current outline does have much substance. It is very skeletal but I think adding a trends section would be helpful. This would allow for us to not only see the current ratios but to compare them to values of the past. Other than that the basics are there and just need to be expressed on graphs to help visualize trends....
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