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Practice Problem 2 - AEB 3144 Agribusiness Finance Practice...

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AEB 3144 – Agribusiness Finance Practice Problem 2 On E-Learning there is an Excel document titled, “Practice Problem 2.xls.” You should use the financial information for Tanner’s Apple Orchard to create a balance sheet and income statement for each year. Then perform some financial calculations for 2008 to answer the following questions. Some suggested calculations are included in the Excel document, but more might be necessary to answer all of the questions well. The values in these statements are book values. As I stated in class, you are welcome to work and discuss these problems in groups. You should, however, have your own write-up and Excel spreadsheet that uses your own unique and original words. You must submit both via E-Learning. Your write-up should be a professionally prepared MS Word document. Last minute problems submitting to E-Learning is not an acceptable excuse for not turning the assignment in on time. Important: Title your submissions with your last name, first initial and practice problem number. So when I submit my assignment I would have two files: gundersonm2.doc and gundersonm2.xls. There is much flexibility in how you format the document, but you must be certain to answer all
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Practice Problem 2 - AEB 3144 Agribusiness Finance Practice...

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