Practice Problem 6

Practice Problem 6 - AEB 3144 Agribusiness Finance Practice...

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AEB 3144 – Agribusiness Finance Practice Problem 6 The purpose of this assignment is to give you some working knowledge of bonds and stocks. Bond prices and stock prices are detailed most weekdays in the Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) in the Money & Investing section (which is section C). Someday when you begin to invest, I believe you will begin to find this section of the WSJ more useful than Personal Journal section (at least that was my experience). I am not endorsing the WSJ , per se . I have found, however, that many business professionals read the WSJ daily and the “What’s News” section on the front is the topic of many lunch conversations. You do not need a subscription to the WSJ to complete this assignment. You can borrow a copy from me, read and copy an issue in just about any library, or steal one from your neighbor who signed-up for her own copy (I’m just kidding, I don’t condone stealing – or do I?). You should make a copy of each of the sections detailed below and turn it in with your assignment. You might have to look through more than one WSJ to find the needed sections. You can also find this information on the internet at . 1. For Bonds: The WSJ has greatly condensed and streamlined their coverage of bond trading. This is because much of this information is publicly available on the internet. Their ‘value-add,’ as a result, is publishing some indices of bond trading and highlighting some key bond transactions. a.
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Practice Problem 6 - AEB 3144 Agribusiness Finance Practice...

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