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Group Feedback Taylor Durrance After reviewing your group outline for Kellogg, Inc. I'd say you are on the right track. What I thought was really interesting was the section about the Industry, however, I think some of the comments should be better explained, such as: 4.5 "Geographically Spread close to grain production (great plains, mid west, Great Lakes)". Second, 4.2 "Grains and Corn prices could hamper operation coast and profitability." It would be interesting to know how this could happen; even though the answer might seem obvious, its still beneficial to know. Next, 5.4 "Kellogg has a ROE double that of General Mills". This is another comment that I'd like to see reasoning for. Moreover, I think you are all on the right path. The things I especially liked were the fact that your group used a DuPont Analysis and the explanations you used to explain the different ratios. Good luck Team 4. Kevin Griffis
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