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looking for the right mix - DESCRIPTION OF TEACHING...

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Sales-Related Article page 1 of 2 DESCRIPTION OF TEACHING AIDS/SUPPORTING MATERIALS Look For The Right Mix In A Sales Rep Too many people in sales aren't cut out for the job-four key qualities are a must. By Jay J. Avelino and Herbert M. Greenberg How do you identify people who have what it takes to sell for your distributorship? In study after study on the effectiveness of sales personnel, we have found that more than 55% of the individuals currently in sales have no ability to sell at all. Another 25% have sales ability but are selling the wrong product or service. And the remaining 20% are doing precisely the right jobs for themselves and their distributors, and, not surprisingly, they are the ones that make 80 % of all sales. Believe it or not, one out of every four people in the general population possesses a far better ability to sell than most of the people currently in the sales profession! Why? It takes a very special person to understand a prospect's needs, to come up with appropriate solutions, to be able to ask for an order assertively, to service an account once it is brought on board and to take the inevitable daily dose of rejection that comes with the job. But who are those people who fit the bill just right for sales jobs? Through long observation, we have found that successful salespeople need and essential blend of four basic qualities, as well as several additional attributes related to the specific sales situation.
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looking for the right mix - DESCRIPTION OF TEACHING...

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