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1 Jacob Rothstein UFID: 0418-3901 AEB 3341 Selling Strategically Self Evaluation of One on One Sales Presentation April 21, 2009 Sales Presentation Background Information: I am working a Regional Sales Representative for MobileGraphix, Inc. MobileGraphix is a non-traditional outdoor advertising company that hires student drivers to place their businesses ads on the rear windshields of their vehicles. These students drive as they normally would, to and from the places students frequent all while carrying local businesses messages around town, spreading awareness among a much targeted college student market. MobileGraphix is a startup and I have worked as a sales representative in the Gainesville area for 4 months with them. The prospect is Mr. John Smith, the Senior Marketing Manager for one of the biggest real estate management companies in Gainesville. They manage 25 of the biggest college student apartment complexes that serve the University of Florida and Santa Fe Community College. He has been looking for a new and innovative way to target college students who need places to live and until now has been using traditional media like radio and newspaper advertising. Mr. Smith saw one of our ads around town, found it interesting, and decided to give us a call to get more information. We set up a meeting and that is where we are now. Our goal out of this meeting is to convince Mr. Smith that our advertising program is more effective, more targeted, and more cost efficient than all the traditional media that we compete with. My presentation will include two main selling points that clearly separate us from our competition as well as a detailed value analysis proving that our product has superior value than what others have to offer.
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2 Evaluation of the One on One Sales Call: The Opening What was done well? As I entered the room, the customer rose to greet me and put out his hand for a shake. I greeted him with my name, a big smile and a “pleasure to meet you” as I firmly shook his hand while maintaining direct but not awkward eye contact. I think that went well. He offered me to sit down and I kindly accepted with a thank you. We discussed the nasty weather outside that we were having the last couple of days, and we quickly built rapport and felt comfortable with each other. Overall, that first part of the opening went well as I had expected it would. I went on to establish our company credibility by explaining how our company works and exactly what we do. I talked about its history and my past experience with the company. After this, I asked a few questions to try and uncover exactly what the customer was looking for in an advertising campaign. He told me clearly what his needs were and I promptly asked for permission to proceed, smoothly transitioning into the next part of the presentation. What can I improve upon?
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self evaluation - Jacob Rothstein UFID: 0418-3901 AEB 3341...

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