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Test 1 - Articles Study Guide - Test#1 Articles 1 How Wikis...

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Test #1 Articles: 1. How Wikis Change Sales and Marketing a. Online collaboration for interaction with clients, sales personal and partners b. Increases productivity, teamwork, etc. 2. Sales and Marketing: Together at Last a. Goal: different elements of working together for a common goal b. Encourage sales and marketing operations to work together c. Success in sales and marketing means doing all the little things right 3. 1949 – Operation Paul Revere…Selling All Night Long: always be ready to sell, no matter the time or place 4. The Seven R Powers of Selling a. Reputation: focus on strengths and weaknesses and focus on improvements b. Real Passion: focus on goals then turn goal into reality c. Research: combine research d. Rapport: established by connecting on as many levels as possible e. Resource Management: don’t sell without a game plan f. Resiliency: turn setbacks into comebacks g. Relationship: convert your clients into collaborative partners 5. Critical Questions a. Reveal prospect’s expectations: criteria, ideal case, biggest problem over next 5 years b. Buying Motives: timeliness, maintenance cost vs. ease of operation, which is best (cost aside) c. Key Words: how do you measure a given quality, limitations, what would
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Test 1 - Articles Study Guide - Test#1 Articles 1 How Wikis...

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