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Test 1 - Slides Study Guide

Test 1 - Slides Study Guide - Office Hours M-W-F 11am until...

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Office Hours: M-W-F 11am until noon in 1161 McCarty A L1: The Role of Selling Objectives O To understand the role of selling O Raving fan concept O Marketing and sales O To distinguish between marketing & sales O To understand the life of a salesperson O How their time is spent O The diverse roles they perform O To identify key sales attributes and ingredients for success 1. Purchases are made to satisfy needs and solve problems 2. Raving Fan Concept a. Beyond the norm b. Beyond expectations c. Establishes rapport and good will 3. Role of Selling a. Goal: satisfy customer before, after and during sale b. Sales are as strong as the weakest link 4. Marketing Concept a. Find needs of target markets b. Deliver satisfaction more effectively and efficiently 5. Two Types of Customer a. Consumer: purchases for personal consumption b. Organizational: producers, reseller, government 6. Product Parts a. Core: basic need product satisfies b. Tangible: brand, style, packing, function, etc. c. Augmented: credit, warranty, servicing 7. Possible Careers a. Sales management, product management, sales professional and top management L2: The Sales Person Objectives O To understand what a salesperson is and is not. O To be able to state how a salesperson spends their average work week. O To explain the diverse roles performed by a salesperson. O To state, define, and use the 10 ingredients for salesperson success 1. Sales is not : plaid suit, truckload of freebies, all night schoomzing, bubbly personality, quick wit, clever manipulations 2. Professional selling is a science or discipline: the use of effective communication to effectively negotiate mutually beneficial agreements (win-win)
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3. 46 hour week breakdown: a. 14 hrs: face to face selling b. 12 hrs: phone sales c. 8 hrs: waiting/traveling d. 7 hrs: administrative tasks e. 5 hrs: service calls 4. Diverse Roles a. Anything but boring (ex. Compare to factory job) b. Prospector: mining new potential customers/markets c. Planner: strategic planning & time mgt (e.g., small vs. large accounts) d. Public Relations: building relationships you’re the company to the customer e. Demonstrator: communicate benefits to specific needs f. Negotiator: tailoring solutions that meet individual needs, not just price g. Facilitator: getting product or service to the customer (advocate) h. Customer Service Rep: handle concerns and complaints Agenda O To discuss the types of selling O To understand the 10 ingredients for success O To explore critical thinking in the context of selling strategically 5. Types of Selling : a. Response Selling: Responding to customer requests (Wendy’s and take your order, paid hourly) b. Missionary/Trade Selling: Educator, build goodwill. Seldom take orders (e.g., crop protection, pharmaceutical sales to doctors). Respond to requests usually outside the company.
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Test 1 - Slides Study Guide - Office Hours M-W-F 11am until...

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