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Article Cheat Sheet - Handling Tough Objections 1....

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Handling Tough Objections 1. Objections are requests for more information 2. Turn objection into reason for buying 3. Smoke out important objections: if they are hiding something ask questions 4. Eliminate objections with questions: you can win an argument but still lose the sale 5. Agree with customer: find point of agreement before answering objection 6. Admit the objection: say no product is perfect, but our product has XYZ 7. Deny Objection: only if untrue 8. Let customer answer his own question: If they can’t answer Why it’s an objection then it is eliminated 9. Restate objection: they know you are listening, avoids misunderstandings and give you time to think 10. Deflate objection: bring them up yourself so you can introduce it and shut it down at the same time Three’s a Charm - Ways to handle Objections o Learn as much as possible o Never let objections catch you off guard o Don’t let objections offend you (emotions) - Most common objections o They are unfamiliar with product/service o Not convinced o Balk at price o Unsure of product performance o Doubts with customer service o Compares you to competitor Closing is a Bear - They need the nudge! o
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Article Cheat Sheet - Handling Tough Objections 1....

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