Exam 3 S08 - Name AEB 3341 Selling Strategically Exam#3...

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AEB 3341 Exam #3 White Form A – Spring 2008 – Page 1 of 10 N a m e : AEB 3341 Selling Strategically Exam #3 Spring 2008 Thursday April 10, 2008 (White Copy TEST FORM CODE A) This examination consists of a grand total of 100 points divided into three parts. Part I consists of true and false questions and is worth 15 points . Part II consists of multiple-choice questions and is worth 20 points . Part III consists of short answer/essay questions and is worth 65 points . Please take note of the following: 1) Place your name on this first page only. Please do not place your name on any other page of this examination. This allows the instructor more objectivity when grading. 2) Make sure you answer all the questions. Partial credit will be awarded when appropriate and guessing on true-false, multiple choice, and matching sections at least gives you the chance for credit as opposed to leaving the question blank, which gives you no chance for credit. 3) Be sure to turn in the entire examination once you are finished. Your test copy will be returned to you once it has been graded. 4) There are a total of 10 pages including this cover page. Please verify that this exam copy is complete. Please note that in a effort to save paper, the exam is on both sides 5) The terms “discuss” and “explain” require more than just identification or listing in order to receive full credit. 6) Good luck!!! "I understand that the University of Florida expects its students to be honest in all their academic work. I agree to adhere to this commitment to academic honesty and understand that my failure to comply with this commitment may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the University." Your signature below verifies that you have neither given nor received any help during this examination from any source. It also verifies that you have read, understand, and agree to comply with the aforementioned conditions of the examination as well as the above statement regarding academic honesty at the University of Florida. Please report any suspected academic violations to your instructor. Signature: U F I D :
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AEB 3341 Exam #3 White Form A – Spring 2008 – Page 2 of 10 PART I: TRUE-FALSE QUESTIONS (15 points). Please circle either T (for true) or F (for false). Use Test Form Code A. Mark questions 1 through 15. T1 F2 1. Having been a top sales performer is one of the elements of effective sales leadership as described in your course notes. T1 F2 2. Follow up rarely results in a sales opportunity and is one of those things you must do in the sales profession. T1 F2 3. There are times when practicing price discrimination is not acceptable, even when company policy lets you. T1
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Exam 3 S08 - Name AEB 3341 Selling Strategically Exam#3...

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