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Lecture Cheat Sheet - Objections Sales person's best friend...

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Objections - Sales person’s best friend, otherwise the 1 st salesman would get the order every time - They leave the door open for negotiation - Anything that slows down your ability to meat the call objective - Valid vs. Invalid o Valid: sincere, make sure to answer or you will not get the sale o Invalid: delay, stall tactic - Arch of resistance: keystone is primary objection - Change objection from resistance to partnership o Focus on areas of agreement o Be Confident o Recap progress o He who speaks first loses o Mutually beneficial outcomes - Price Resistance: most common objection o Make buyer decide on relative value not absolute cost o Happens when sales person doesn’t effectively communicate value o Perceived value = perceived benefits/price o Solutions Price is constant, increase benefits Benefits constant, lower price (not recommended) Increase benefits more than cost increase - Steps to Handling an objection o Listen o Restate to communicate need o Handle o Verify it was handled - Categories o Postpone: Delay handling to establish other selling point Put off : your not avoiding, need to cover other benefits first Blow off : if objection is invalid (don’t restate and don’t verify) o Switch Focus: communicate benefits that are more relevant to customer Alternative Product : switch to product that better meets their needs Feel, Felt, Found : shows sympathy Compare and Contrast : if your product doesn’t meet there standard note that none do but ours is the best
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Lecture Cheat Sheet - Objections Sales person's best friend...

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