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T/F Exam 1 1. On average companies spend more time training on company information that on market information ( T ) 2. If a customer knew, the could wait until next week when the product goes on sale. You decide not to say anything. This is unethical ( F , could be unethical) 3. Bribes are payments made to influence buyers before they purchase ( T ) 4. Critical thinking is traced back to Plato ( F , Socrates) 5. Women in sales are relatively scared in the publishing profession ( F ) Exam 2 6. It is okay to operate in the child ego state when selling ( T ) 7. An effective sales call objective does not need to specify a sale ( T ) 8. Sending articles to prospects is known as sowing ( F , it is called seeding) 9. Indirect sources are a sub-set of random lead searching strategies ( F ) 10. A weakness of an analytical social style is that they are indecisive ( T ) 11. It was suggested that effective salesmen plan to arrive at least 20 minutes early ( F , 10 minutes) 12. As sales people we should strive to over promise and over deliver ( F ) Exam 3 13. When closing a sales presentation, you should only try to get an order ( F ) 14. You can price your products any way you want and you need not be worried about legal action for this form of price discrimination ( F ) 15. A person does not need to have been a top sales performer in order to be an effective sales management leader ( T ) 16. A participative-oriented leadership philosophy creates a work climate that shows concern for subordinates personally ( F ) 17. Dr. Wysocki thinks that “Choice Closing is a good closing method ( T ) 18. “I am not convinced that the product will perform as you said it will perform because of my unique situation” is an invalid objection ( F ) 19. Making sure your customer understands your company’s credit arrangments is considered to be one of the follow up tools ( T ) Multiple Choice Exam 1 1. Skills are to Duties as Benefits are to Features 2. Which of the contract necessities may not have been met if you agree to buy a ring from a street vender? A : Legally competent parties, seller could be under 18 3. When you consider the positive and the negative aspects of a problem you are describing… A : Implications and consequences 4. During an average 46 hour work week sales professionals… A : spend less time on administrative tasks than waiting and traveling 5. Two most important ingredients for success are… A : ego drive and empathy 6. When salesman and buyers trust each other they…
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Notes - T/F Exam 1 1 2 3 4 5 Exam 2 On average companies...

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