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AEB 3341 Final Exam Review Guide – Fall 2008 – Page 1 of 6 Final Exam Review Guide AEB 3341 Selling Strategically (Fall 2008) Unit 1: The Role of Selling Explain the role of selling (why are salespeople important to the purchasing process?) Explain what the marketing concept has to do with selling. Identify common career paths available to those who select sales as an introductory career choice. Unit 2: The Salesperson Know the difference between what a salesperson is and what a salesperson is not. Be able to distinguish between the 10 ingredients for success Unit 3: Critical Thinking Materials Be able to recall, know, and apply the difference between the eight elements and the nine standards of reasoning. Unit 4: Ethics Explain the role of ethics in the sales process. Understand and explain the difference between unethical, Illegal, aggressive selling. Understand legal issues surrounding sales. Unit 5: The Selling Environment Be able to describe buyer’s remorse and its effect on the selling process. Unit 6: Strategic Knowledge State the allocation of time in a typical sales training program. Be able to calculate the cost of hiring salespeople Unit 7: Communication List the three major strengths successful communicators have in common. Explain the role of “Shared Fields of Experience” in the sales process and be able to provide a personal example. Identify, define, and give examples of the four types of communication styles discussed in class. Be able to identify the distinguishing characteristics of each of the four communication styles. Unit 8: Prospecting Know the seven steps of the sales process. Be able to define and interpret the NAME criteria. Distinguish between random lead and selective lead searching. Identify indirect sources of leads. Unit 9: Call Planning and Preparation Identify the steps of the planning process. Identify and explain the various components of the customer profile. Understand and be prepared to give an example of the SPIN technique. Unit 10: The Opening List and describe the five elements of the opening.
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AEB 3341 Final Exam Review Guide – Fall 2008 – Page 2 of 6 Unit 11: The Presentation Be able to explain and illustrate the four steps used to make a selling point. Unit 12: Handling Objections Know the different types of objections (strategies) that can be used by salespeople. Be able identify, explain, and provide an example of each of the four steps to handling an objection. Understand the relationship between the arch of resistance and the keystone objection. Unit 13: Confirming the Sale Understand the relative importance and difficulty of confirming the sale. Be able to explain the five steps to closing a sale.
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Review F08 - Final Exam Review Guide AEB 3341 Selling...

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