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Video and Articles - The Carrot or the Stick-Some will run...

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Video - Tom Black - 3 things needed for selling o Transfer good feelings o Find a need o Help prospect decide - 3 things for a manager o Recruit (identify talent) o Effective teacher (be like a parent) o Managing effort - Look for a history of success Win Sales with Follow-up - Follow up with current customers; it saves future marketing costs - Follow up with prospects o Shows your not just looking for the quick buck o Develop a process o The greater the product price the more follow ups needed o Send them a last letter telling them if there is not response then you are done o A happy customer tells 3 people while a mad one tells 10
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Unformatted text preview: The Carrot or the Stick-Some will run fast for a gold medal, other will run faster from a mean dog-Let them know the benefits but also let them know what problems you can save them from Closing is a Bear-They need the nudge! o Prospects are hesitant so give them a push o Prospect is faced with chance of making a wrong choice so provide a match and lead them into the sales-Ask for it!: Rejection hurts but its part of the business-Don’t waltz!: Don’t spread yourself too thin-Reject Rejection! o The worst that can happen is they say no o Ask why they said no...
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