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One on One Sales Call: Customer Handout Scott Sandoval Product Summary The service I will be providing is the traffic analysis and project design for a high-rise apartment building in downtown Jacksonville. Due to our ability to think outside the box, Jacobs innovative design alters the original concept and calls for a multiuse building as oppose to purely residential. The design process is slightly more costly, but after completion the total project cost is significantly lower. About the Buyer The prospect is a well established developer in North Florida along the east coast. David Blitz is the company contact for Atlantic Coast Developers. He does not like to beat around the bush and likes to cut right to the chase. He carries himself in a professional manner, but does not like to hear anyone tell him no. He wants to hear just the facts. He sees his company as being above and beyond the rest, so while testimonials are helpful, he feels that ACD is not restricted by past results. Main Needs of the Buyer
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