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Customer Handout (Choder's)

Customer Handout (Choder's) - One on One Sales Call...

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One on One Sales Call: Customer Handout Andrew Simons Product Summary The product I will be selling is the I-Gate 4000 Edge which is the more compact Media gateway and IP compressor from Veraz Networks new line of I-Gates. This allows multiple phone calls to be compressed within the same wire or frequency, saving valuable bandwidth resources within a telecommunications center. About the Buyer The prospect I will be selling to in Panama City, Panama is Ramon Martinez who works for Movistar Panama in the networking department. Movistar Panama is a small to mid- size telecommunications company based mostly in Panama City, Panama. His communication style is as an analytical style but tends to have an amiable communication style at times. He tends to buy products out of functionality out of any other aspect of a product and therefore hot buttons for this prospect are facts and past results that show tangible evidence for increased efficiency and profits within his company. He frequently visits Florida when on vacation.
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