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Scott Sandoval 5656-2035 AEB3341 One-on-One Sales Call: Self Evaluation Sales Presentation Background I am currently the Vice President of the Transportation branch of Jacobs, Edward and Kelcey Inc., a worldwide engineering firm. There are a number of offices around the world, but I work out of the Jacksonville, FL location. As a department, we can cover projects in Duval, St. John’s and Baker County, but have chosen not to venture into southern Georgia. As Vice President of Transportation, I oversee and manage the two divisions and 40+ transportation employees. My duties include organizing data and presenting design plans to contractors when necessary. My prospect is Mr. David Blitz. He is on the board of directors for Atlantic Coast Developers LLC. ACD is a company that builds new housing developments and retail stores around the Jacksonville area. ACD and is looking to venture into a new type of project, primarily a high rise apartment building in downtown Jacksonville. ACD is a relatively large developer and has many different contractors in Jacksonville that it has worked with before. Jacobs has never done business with ACD, but since ACD has been a well established, reputable business for several years Jacobs is eager to get to work. In the past, ACD proposed a general idea of the project it wished to erect, but leaves planners a lot of flexibility to work with the existing market. ACD has expressed interest in a thirty story high rise apartment building. The service being provided by Jacobs is an in depth site analysis describing the effects on future traffic flow, utility design and everything associated with the projects up to and including getting the permits. Jacobs will not be responsible for breaking ground, ordering supplies or any other setback due to post design error. ACD has proven to be a profitable developer with over seventy-five years of real
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Self Evaluation - Scott Sandoval 5656-2035 AEB3341...

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