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Scott Sandoval TA: Gaby Stocks ANT2301 (Section 5741) November 3, 2004 Word Count: 1445 Abortion With the most recent election in mind, there are a few key topics that had the American public out voting at the polls. Of the vast array of issues at hand, one of the major ones was abortion. Abortion, along with gay marriage rights and the war in Iraq, are probably the top three concerns of the American people when they say they sided with President Bush this past election. Many people re-elected the president because of his “moral values.” To many people abortion is a big issue morally, bringing religious beliefs into the picture and this past presidential election. In light of the recent election, it would be pertinent to present the stance of each of the candidates and why they chose this point of view. President George W. Bush kept his stance, as a Roman Catholic, and is completely against abortion. Many people of Catholic faith believe that after conception the embryo is a living thing and any termination of pregnancy is murder. On the other hand Massachusetts Senator, John Kerry, has been known to vote against bills that would prohibit abortion. The argument that he presents is the mother’s interests and health are not being taken into account in these situations enough and they should have more of a say when it come to dealing with their body.
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In a recent radio interview, President Bush spoke about these few “wedge issues” that gave him the moral boost he needed to get back in the oval office. It was during this interview that Bush criticized Kerry for voting against bills that would prohibit partial birth abortion. He presented his views to the nation and discouraged those to follow suit with Kerry. Kerry’s position on the subject dealt with looking at the views of the mother not the unborn fetus. Kerry said, “They didn’t contain sufficient protections for a mother’s health,” as his platform for basing his stance. As it stands now, there are six Supreme Court Justices that support the case of
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Abortionpaper - Scott Sandoval TA: Gaby Stocks ANT2301...

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