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Exam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A laser beam with wavelength 633nm is propagating in air when it strikes a transparent material at an incidence angle of 50 degrees. If the angle of refraction is 27 degrees, what is the wavelength in the material? A) 500 nm B) 800 nm C) 700 nm D) 600 nm E) 400 nm 1) 2) You pour 100g of water at 80 degree Celsius into the ocean, which is at 20 degree Celsius, and wait about 10 minutes. Is this process reversible? Calculate the net entropy change during this process. A) reversible; 10 J/K B) reversible; 100 J/K C) irreversible; 1 J/K D) irreversible; 10 J/K E) irreversible; 100 J/K 2) 3) You are shining light with a wavelength of 550nm on a 10-slit aparatus with slit spacing of 1 micron. At what angle from the center do you find the 3rd dark fringe? A) 5 degrees B) 10 degrees C) 15 degrees D) 20 degrees E) more than 25 degrees 3) 4) You are some distance away from the source of a spherical wave. How much further do you have to walk away for the wave intensity to drop by 3 decibel? A) 50% further. B) twice as far. C) 3 times as far. D) 4 times as far. E) more than 5 times as far. 4) 5) A piece of glass (n=1.52) is immersed in diiodomethane (n=1.74). A light ray hits the glass at an incident angle of 40 degrees. What's the angle the refracted beam in the glass makes with the normal to the interface? A) 33 degrees B) 40 degrees C) 47 degrees D) 54 degrees 5) 6) Advertisement for a certain small car claim that it floats in water. The car's mass is 900kg and its interior volume is 3.0 cubic meters. Water gradually leaks in and displaces the air in the car. What fraction of the interior volume is filled with water when the car sinks? A) 30% B) 50% C) 70% D) 90% E) 10% 6) 7) "Vibrato" in a violin is produced by sliding the finger back and forth along a vibrating string. The G-string on a particular violin measures 30cm between bridge and its far end and is
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finald - Exam Name MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the one...

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