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2.1 Sound - Sound Waves Sound 2.1 Sound Waves Speed of...

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1 Sound 2.1 Sound Waves Speed of Sound Intensity of Sound Reflection of waves Sound Waves pressure • Longitudinal waves – displacement in direction of propagation • The displacement produces pressure differences due to differences in density Pressure and Displacement out of phase by π /2 (90 O ) Pressure is related to the slope of the displacement An instructive simulation of sound wave http://www.kettering.edu/~drussell/Demos/wa ves/wavemotion.html Pressure Force P Area = Newton/m 2 Pascals F Area Compression increases pressure V V- V Bulk modulus - B V x P B B V x = = F A Units of B -Pascals x - x P P+ P x
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2 speed of sound P+ P v P P Pulse moves to right P+ P v P P In frame moving with the pulse medium flows to the left ( in and out of the high pressure region) mass segment moves from low P to high P. v v F v- v V V- V F ma = F PA = ∆ ma A t t ν ρ ν = = V V ν ν = F compresses gas and changes speed.
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