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Marketing Day 7 - Marketing Day 7 14:12 Agenda Consumer...

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Marketing Day 7 14:12 Agenda Consumer behavior o Information search Involvement levels o Evaluate alternatives Hospitals begin advertising  o Marketing new surgery techniques High involvement Low involvement  Impulse buying o Little/no planning o Self-service o How do you influence the consumer? Price v. quality specifications Paco Underhill(Shopping Behavior Guru) Deals with the science of consumer science Avg. supermarket trip around 21minutes(2-3 times a week) o Impulse purchases make up 66% of purchases o POPAI Point of purchase advertising institute Supermarket strategy “boutiques”—spend more time store within a store layout/design avoid out of stocks
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easy for employees to refill the shelves develop loss leaders entice you into the store by pricing strategy sampling, cooking keep you in the store technology
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