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Jonathan Sterling LAB REPORT RELATING MOLES TO COEFFICIENTS OF A CHEMICAL EQUATION PURPOSE Find the ratio of moles of a reactant to moles of a product of a chemical equation. Relate this ratio to the coefficients of these substances in the balanced equation for the reaction. DATA & CALCULATIONS DATA COLLECTED Variable Value mass of iron filings 2.24 g mass of paper towel 3.89 g mass of paper + copper 6.32 g visual observations dark, smells awful; opaque bottom layer, with a more transparent upper layer forming; purple-brown residue is on the sides of the beaker, and as the copper dust settles to the bottom, a metallic film is left on top. The bottom is now covered in reddish-brown precipitate, with a nasty greenish liquid on top. Table 1. The measurements taken for the Lab. CALCULATIONS MASS OF COPPER PRODUCED NUMBER OF MOLES OF COPPER PRODUCED NUMBER OF MOLES OF IRON REACTED
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Jonathan Sterling 2 WHOLE NUMBER RATIO OF MOLES OF IRON TO MOLES OF COPPER Variable Value mass of copper produced
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2249806-CHEM-Lab-Report-Moles-to-Coefficients - LAB REPORT...

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