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2249803-CHEM-Lab-Report-Molarity - LAB REPORT DETERMINING...

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Jonathan Sterling LAB REPORT DETERMINING THE MOLARITY OF A SATURATED SOLUTION PURPOSE To determine the molarity of a saturated solution at room temperature. DATA & CALCULATIONS DATA COLLECTED Variable Value volume of solution 20 ml mass of evaporation dish 33.12 g mass of evaporation dish and NaCl 38.48 g Table 1. The measurements taken for the Lab. The volume of the solution was taken after having filtered the solution through a paper towel, so as to remove any excess sodium that had not incorporated itself into solution. The mass of the sodium chloride was taken after the water was boiled off, leaving only the solute. CALCULATIONS MASS OF DISSOLVED MOLES OF DISSOLVED MOLARITY OF SATURATED SOLULTION
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Jonathan Sterling 2 Variable Value mass of NaCl dissolved 5.36 g NaCl moles of NaCl dissolved 0.0917 mol NaCl molarity of saturated solution 5 mol/L Table 2. Contains the calculations for the Lab. CONCLUSIONS
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2249803-CHEM-Lab-Report-Molarity - LAB REPORT DETERMINING...

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