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Unformatted text preview: Jonathan Sterling LAB REPORT MASS OF SOLID TO MASS OF GAS INQUIRY PURPOSE To calculate the percent yield of a gas at STP. To determine density of a gas relative to air. DATA & CALCULATIONS DATA COLLECTED Variable Value mass of large test tube 30.11 g mass of total water used 20 g mass of calcium hydroxide & large test tube 47.05 g mouth down glowing no results mouth down flaming pop, burn up mouth up glowing pop, burn mouth up flaming pop, burn down Table 1. The measurements taken for the Lab. CALCULATIONS, ET CETERA . DENSITY OF GAS RELATIVE TO AIR The gas was slightly denser than air, but the results were not very clear. I think that it was slightly denser than air because when the mouth of the test tube was down, and only one test out of two yielded results, whereas when the mouth of the test tube was up, both tests elicited results. This indicates that it is denser, because some gas must have poured out the bottom of the test tube during the thirty seconds it was held with the mouth down....
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This note was uploaded on 09/23/2009 for the course CHEM 120 taught by Professor Johnmichael during the Spring '09 term at Tennessee Martin.

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